Acts of the Apostles


Luke, the author of Acts, describes the first six decades of Christianity. He starts with the Gospel of Luke where he maps events from the year before Jesus was born through to his ascension three decades later. In the Acts of the Apostles he carries on the narrative without any interruption. He traces the development of Christianity through to the mid 60’s AD. He gives a succinct description of how the Gospel was taken to Jews who lived outside Palestine and to non Jews who lived in different parts of the Roman Empire. From Acts it is possible to build portraits of people who played roles in taking the gospel far and wide. They include the Apostle Paul and less well known people such as Aquilla and Pricilla. The book brings to life the world in which the gospel flourished. It explains how churches were founded in such places as Ephesus and Corinth. This history of the development of Christianity makes it possible to better understand the letters of the Apostle Paul.

Acts describes how the gospel message of Matthew, Mark Luke and John travelled from Jerusalem to Rome in some 30 years. In just four decades Christianity grew to become a significant feature of Mediterranean world. Some people lived through the period covered by the gospels and Acts and were part of the growth. The twelve disciples were in from the start and many lived beyond the end of Acts. The seminars starts by looking at the world through the disciple’s eyes to bring the gospels and Acts together  as a continuous whole. That is the way that Luke, the author of Acts, presented his gospel and this book. The disciples were on a journey that  changed them and their lives. The most radical change happened in the seven weeks between the feasts of Passover and Pentecost Jesus died on Passover eve - Christianity launched at Pentecost. In this short period the disciples covered no geographical miles, but the journey in their minds was off the Richter scale. The book of Acts charts how the lives of a countless number of people were changed in the same way with churches established from Jerusalem to Rome.

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